मंगलवार, 24 मार्च 2009

waste not want not....

Misty hills in rains!!

बारिशों मे पहाडोंका क्या गज़ब गूढ़ आकर्षण होता है...रेशमके कपडेपे water कलर, उसके ऊपर धुंद दिखानेके लिए शिफोनका एक layer ....कुछ अन्य रंगों के तुकडे, ज़मीन, पहाड़, घान्सफूस, दिखलाते है...इन कपडों पे कढाई की गयी है....

A spring morning...yet to be finished। अधूरा चित्र है....सूर्योदयके समयका एहसास है.......मेरी बेटीने अपने हाथोंसे रंगे हुए, slivers, तथा yarns हैं....background मे मैंने, अलग अलग रंगोंके tissue का इस्तेमाल किया है...ये नारंगी रंगका कपड़ा पर्देमेसे बचा हुआ था...कई layers हैं....कुछ रूई जैसे दिखनेवाले slivers tissueke ४ layers के पीछे हैं तो कुछ ऊपर....नीचे उगते घान्सके फूल, अन्य बूते, पट्टियां....


Another collage using old weaves,embroideries & laces.

Collages of laces & embroideries

A collage made out of extinct old/and some new embroideries,laces

Something more to view

I am loading a few pics of my home, artifacts & embroideries. Will be writing more details about the same, in a day or two! Hope my friends like them!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Miniature landscape with nets etc.

Its a tiny frame made out of total scrap. The background is of silk. layered with colored nets, frayed silk peices etc. The nets & other pieces are held with embroidery stitches like stem stitch & french knots/seeding stitches. The readymade frame was not horizontal. I changed it to suite my requierement by drilling an extra hole.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Embroidered & appliqued Sunset made with silk & wool rovings

Inspiration for this वाल piece came from an actual sunset seen from my balcony. By the time I made the background,the ideas for the composition kept changing & reshaping. Some wool & silk रोविंग्स went under a layer of tissue. Some were overlapping. An orange hillock appeared. Woolen & silk tassels cut from left over fabrics came in handy as grasses. The lowermost layer is of khadi silk. The trees are in the process of being made, using yarn & embroidery. It's all handstitched, without using any glue. I shall be completing the picture in a few days with little more embroidery added to it. I find such work extremely soothing for my nerves...almost like meditation!!

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